Águeda is a smaller town about 20 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean. It is located nearly directly east of Aveiro which is on the coast. Águeda is an older city at the end of the industrial corridor that parallels the A1 highway between Porto and Lisbon. This industrial corridor begins with Braga on the north and peters out at Águeda on the south. Consequently, the city has some industrial base to augment the agriculture ecomony.
Águeda chapel
The chapel is located on the second floor of a commercial and office building. The chapel consists of two suites on opposite sides of the end of a hall. Consequently, the classrooms and offices are on one side of the hall and the Sacrament room is on the other. The Sacrament room is located on the corner of the second floor in this picture. You can see the typical white, marble slab with the Church´s logo in the first window. Elders Reynolds and Wandry are the elders in these pictures.
The missionaries lived in a spacious apartment. It was one of the largest in the mission. It had two large bed rooms, a large living room with a fire place, and a large kitchen (by Portuguese standards). You can see the balcony of one bed room on the far left of the building on the first level.
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