Antas Chapel
Used by the Porto 1st and 2nd Wards

The Antas chapel is located in the Antas (Pronouced "aunt ish" with aunt pronounced like with a British accent) area of Porto. The Antas area has the highest elevation of Porto. If you want to get to Antas area, just go up hill.
The Antas chapel was the first chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Northern Portugal. Prior to being converted to a chapel it was the home. The building is unique both in design and size of the lot. The architecture is more Brazilian than traditional Portuguese. The lot is double the site of the typical lot in the area. Consequently, there is much more open area for ward activities.
Antas chapel is located within a block of the Mission Home and the Mission office of the Portugal Porto Mission of the LDS Church. Consequently, the chapel is used for many missionary functions such as zone and district leaders conferences.
The kitchen in the chapel is large, spacious, and with ample light. In this picture of several local members preparing a meal for a ward event. (Help me with the names of these members.)
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Elder Beldin and Gabriel serve Sister Reber
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The Porto 1 and 2 ward building entrance way served as a protected place to serve lunch at a zone conference. Sister West's chili was always a hit with the missionaries. Note the unusual azulejos in the background that were so distinctive of the building.
During the Christmas zone conference in 1996, the West family and the missionaries performed a nativity play. The play was performed in the Sacrament Room. The pulpit was removed to allow the front of the chapel to become a stage. In 1999, the chapel was renovated, so it no longer looks like this. Christmas Play 1996
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Zone leader conference in Antas chapel
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During the latter part of 1996, a zone leaders conference was held in the Antas chapel. The conference was a brain storming session to come up with ideas and programs to help the mission. That is the reason for all the writing boards. This picture was taken in the back of the Sacrament Room of the chapel.
Every fall the missionaries serving in the Porto 1st ward helped the Pinto family during the harvest. In this picture are Sisters Rupp and Hunt enjoying the fruits of their labors. Afterwards the missionaries and Pinto family members were treated to one of Irmão Pinto´s bar-b-ques. Harvesting corn
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Porto Sculptors
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One of the youth activities of the Porto 1st ward was to participate in some sculpting at a museum in down town Porto. Pictured here are Pedro Sousa, and Hugo Caravalho.
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