Matosinhos is a suburb of Porto located on the western part of the city on the coast. Currently, Matosinhos along with LeÁa da Palmeira are the functioning port for the area. A great many container ships and such load and unload in the port 24 hours a day. Matosinhos is a city in its own right with a complete business center. Matosinhos is a newer city having straight streets laid out in a grid. The branch was first opened in 1983 by Elder Bob Stubbs and Elder Alan Orton.
Chapel in Matozinhos.
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The Matosinhos chapel occupies two ground floor suites of an apartment/commercial building. There are two large foyer areas with ample classrooms. The Matosinhos ward meets in this chapel. Pictured are Elders Taylor, Atkinson, Haws, and Ringle in 1996.