Porto 4 or The Foz

The Porto 4th ward, also known as the Foz ward is part of the Matosinhos stake (now the Porto North Stake.) The Porto Stake lies within the boundaries of the Porto Portugal Mission. The ward covers the western most part of the City of Porto. The Portuguese word, Foz, means mouth of the river. Therefore, the Foz area of Porto is where the Douro river empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Consequently, the area has both river and ocean front property. There are beaches with a wonderful paved walkways.

Porto 4 or Foz Chapel
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The Foz chapel is a large, three level former residence. The chapel is on a broad, tree lined avenue. The Foz area is one of the most exclusive in the city of Porto. The chapel was extensively renovated in 1999 to 2000.
This is a picture of one of the covered walks along the beach in the Foz area. This is a wonder area for a walk or roller skating. Along side the walk way is a avenue that provides a nice view of the ocean. There are also many expensive homes and shops on the other side of the avenue. Walk ways in the Foz
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