Espinho is beautiful coastal town with beautiful beaches. It is well known for its large Feira (open market fair) every Monday and for its Casinos. It is a realtively near town with the main business district and straight streets laid out in a grid.
Espinho Chapel
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The Espinho Chapel consists of a ground level and basement suite of an office and residential apartment building. The Sacrament room is located in the corner of the suit with large windows on two sides. As a result, the room is very light. The room was also very noise until double pane glass was installed in 1998.
One of the stalwarts of the Espinho branch are Manuel and Fátima Gomes. Fátima worked on the mission home and became very close to the West family. When Fátima and Manuel moved into their new apartment, they invited us over for dinner. This is a picture of Fátima in her kitchen, about ready to serve us. Notice three things about the kitchen. First, Portuguese kitchens are very small and efficient by American standards. Second, notice that tiles on the wall and floor. Portuguese homes are decorated with beautiful tiles, something only expensive homes have in American. Even Fátima´s pantry was tiled. Third, notice the granite counter top. Portuguese construction is much more durable than most American construction. A typical Portuguese kitchen
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This is an updated picture of the Gomes family, Manuel, Fatima, and Manuel as of December 2001.