Famalic„o is a small city north of Porto, half way to Braga. It is just beyond the metropolitan area of Porto but still participates in the industrial economy of the region. This region has many small industrial companies of 100 to 500 employees. Textiles are an important sector. Famalic„o has a museum of textiles.
The city is a very pleasant one. There is a very complete business district with several 10 story buildings. The surrounding area is primarily agricultural.
I do not know where Famalic„o got its name. However, its name suggests the literal translation of "the family dog." In some way the name fits, because it is a very warm and friendly town to visit and work in.
The branch of the LDS church is small. However, there are several strong families that make for an active branch. The branch is part of Matosinhos Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The stake has been renamed and reorganized and is now called the Porto North Stake. This stake falls within the geographic boundaries of the Portugal Porto Mission.
Note: President West needs some pictures of Famalic„o and the surrounding area. If you have some good ones, forward them to him.