Leša da Palmeira
Leša da Palmeira is a fishing and sea port village up the coast and north of Porto. It is across the river from Matosinhos. The river dividing Matosinhos on the south and Leša da Palmeira on the North has been widen to serve as a major port in northern Portugal. The port is always busy with container ships from all over the world. There is a draw bridge connecting Leša and Matosinhos. Leša is a relatively new city as denoted by the strait streets and grid like city layout.

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The chapel in Leša da Palmeira is a small suite in a multistory office/apartment building. Pictured here are Elders Ringle, Taylor, Haws, and Atkinson.
There were two missionary apartments in the city, one for the missionaries from Leša da Palmeira and another for the missionaries of neighboring Matosinhos. This is one of the apartments located in Leša but may have been for the Matosinhos missionaries. The apartment is on the second story with a small balcony both over the street and in the back. This was comfortable apartment. Pictured are Elders Taylor, Atkinson, Haws, and Ringle. Apartment in Leca
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