Ovar is a small town south of Porto and north of Aveiro. It is part of the industrial coorridor that runs from Braga on the north, through Porto, and ending at Aveiro on the south. Yet, Ovar is very rural in nature. In the summer it is a busy place for tourists looking for a quiet place who are on their way to the beach located several miles to the west. On Sunday afternoons during the summer months it there are many traffic jams on the small, one way streets or waiting for the trains to pass.
The Ovar branch of the LDS church is very strong. There are many active families that have been members of the church for years. The District office of the So Joo da Madeira district is located in the chapel along with an active family history library. The district was part of the Portugal Porto Mission, but has subsequently been included in the Porto South Stake.
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Ovar chapel
The Ovar chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in located on the second and third floors of a four story office/comercial building. The first floor is occupied by a store and the fourth floor is storage for the store.
There are very few automatic washing machines in Portugal. So most clothes are washed by hand, usually in a small back porch or in a public area with many out door sinks. Sometimes, the washing is down outside in the river as you see here in Ovar. This spot in the river passing through Ovar was frequently busy even on this particular day which was very cold. Washing clothes in the river
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