Missionary Reunion, March 30, 2001
Salt Lake City, Utah
The Spring 2001 missionary reunion was held Friday, March 30, 2001 at the historic Salt Lake City 10th ward buildiing on 4th South and 8th East in Salt Lake City. This was a combined reunion of all the Portuguese missions. The entire chapel was filled with returned missionaries. President Bangeter, the first mission president for Portugal spoke. Afterwards, the group broke into groups according to the mission president.
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Below are pictures taken at the reunion. Elder Cutler did a good job of getting pictures of everyone attending. However, on several pictures the flash did not function correctly. So, there may not be pictures of overone. I apologize. Also, if anyone does not wish their picture posted on this page, send President West an email indicating your desires.
Historic 10th Ward chapel
Location of the Spring 2001 reunion in Salt Lake City.
Thompson and True
Kara Thompson and Melissa Gibbs (True) delight in one another's company.
Fails, da Silva, and Ridd
Jerry Fails, Joćo da Silva, and Grayden Ridd renew acquaintances. Everyone enjoyed visting with Joćo to get the latest news from Portugal.
Sister West and Hunt
Sister West and Shalan Hunt get reacquainted.
Ridd, Rasmusson, and da Silva
Grayden Ridd, York Rasumsson, and Joćo da Silva share fun memories while Lourdes Abigial (York“s wife) looks on.
Sonnenberg and True
Douglas Sonnenberg and Melissa Gibbs (True)reflect on old times.
Edwards and Wooley
Ryan Edwards and Steve Woolley.

James Flanigan demostrates unique finger positions to Chris Bruerton

President West visits by phone with Paul Campbell. Phone and phone call courtesy of Ryan Edwards.
Jacob Gruwell
Jacob Gruwell and friend.
Hansen and Barfuss
Benjamin Hansen shares hair styling tips with Michael Barfuss.
Bunting and Hancock
John Bunting and Matt Hancock.
Kris Beldin
Kris Beldin and his fiancé.
Jonathan and Ashley Pacheco
Jonathan and Ashley Pacheco with their baby.

Neil Chytraus, Jeremy Huff, and friend.
Edwards, Olsen, Lloyd, Ribeiro
Ryan Edwards, Brandon Olsen, Sean Lloyd, and Samuel Ribeiro ponder the meaning of life. What could that be in Ryan Edwards hand?
Curtis and Burr
Ryan Curtis and Kendall Burr.
Graham and
Janet Graham and Elder Eggleston
Devin Patrick
Devin Patrick and friend. There seems to be a shortage of razors.
Cullimore and Pacheco
Matt Cullimore and Jonathan Pacheco renew their friendship.
Renae Durfee
Renae Durfee came down from Idaho for the reunion.
Hartley and Hair
Joshua Hartley and Nathan Hair share a light moment.
Hansen, Child, and Jensen
Benjamin Hansen, Michael Child, and Jeremy Jensen receive tips on keeping their dating pools full.
Angus and Flanigan
Ryan Angus give some bare back riding tips to James Flanigan.
Jonathan and Ashley Pacheco
Jonathan and Ashley Pacheco show off their new baby.
Willey,Chystraus, andJeffs
Justin Willey, Neil Chytraus, and Travis Jeffs visit in the corridor. Neil Chystraus was worried that President West was going to transfer him again.
Bruerton and Serr
Chris Bruerton and Nicolaus Serr
Cade Brenchley
Cade Brenchley with his fiance.
Porter, Saunders, Cutler,
Misty Porter, Rebecca Saunders, Drew Cutler, and Erin Wooldridge. Erin served in the Porto mission after President West left but has attended two reunions so far.
Gardner and Child
Todd Gardner and Michael Child with their friends.
Gillis and Woolley
Robert Gillis and Steven Woolley.
Angus and Rasmusson
Ryan Angus and Mandy Crook (soon to be Mrs. Angus)and York and Lourdes Rasmusson.
Andy Nebeker
Andy and Christie Nebeker.
Willey and Chytraus
Justin Willey and Neil Chytraus visit with friends. Ryan Edwards, Brandon Olsen, and Sean Lloyd chat in the background.
Travis Jeffs
Travis Jeffs and friend.
Jacob Gruwell
Jacob Gruwell and friend.
James Phillips and Amberly Brown
James Phillips with Amberly (Brown) and Todd Welker with their baby.
Laura Pack and fiance
Laura Pack and Timothy Dieckmann (fiancé)
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