July 17, 2001, Get Together
In July, a group of former missionaries from the Portugal Porto Mission got together at the house of a relative of Heather Charles. They had a good time. Heather sent the following comentary and pictures.

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July 17th We had a gathering at my In-laws house in Pleasent Grove, UT. All who came were: Laura Colton, Dave Davis, Greg Adams, James Phillips, Erik Davis and his very pregnant wife (due the following week), Michelle (Jensen) and her Husband Brad Petersen, Ryan Edwards, his girlfriend Katie, and two other friends of his, My Sister and her Husband were there,(she was in charge of games he he), A mutual friend of ours (Maggie) also came. We Played Cetch Phrase and Gestures, ate cookies and pizza, laughed at Erik Davis and his typical Davis jokes, and then called it a night. My sister and I tryed to get a "friend" for Greg to come, but SHE couldn't make it. His saga continues. Don't worry Greg, it won't be long. Laura Colton has been tackeling large mountains, and doing it quite well. Those are REAL mountains, not a metephor. My sister took a hundred pictures of her because we were trying to get one with her eyes open. I think we made it a couple of times. Even if I held her eyes open, they still closed! Amazing! How does she do that?! Ha Ha. My oldest boy woke up in the night, but just in time to say goodbye to everyone. They got kissies except for Erik, he insisted on a high five. He was saving up his kissies for his new little boy ,well actually, his new big boy! Congtratualtions Erik!! We all laughed and had a good time. It was just like a regular district meeting. Oops, I mean, of course not, President, that was like a Pday, Yah. We NEVER laughed in the middle of prayers during meetings, right guys? Thank you to all who came. I loved seeing two of my favorite companions there. Almost all of my last district, and my first and last District Leaders. (Dave laughed during prayers the most. It was all that sugar he was bringing to the meetings for
us! By the way, I need that Chocolate Hud Log recepie, Dave. Dave is in the Marines.... He He, that one will get him stirred up. Okay, really he's in the Armey National Guard, but watch him s