Fall 2001 Reunion in Alpine

The Fall 2001 missionary reunion was help Friday, October 5, 2001 at the home of Daniel Christensen's parents. About 50 former missionaries and spouses showed up. One family from Portugal also came to the surprise and delight of everyone. Since we had prepared food for 100 people, there was plenty for everyone. Brother and Sister Christensen, Dan's parents were wonderful hosts.
There were many other activities going on the same night as the reunion. The most significant was the BYU vs Air Force foot ball game that provided a lot of excitement for everyone, both in Alpine and in Provo. You will notice from the pictures below that there was a significant shortage of razors in the area. President West offered to provide a razor to any of these starving students. However, there were no takers.
We were especially delighted that many spouses came to the reunion. The former missionaries are making President and Sister West proud of quality of the mates that have been chosen. It is good to see that those missionary skills of finding, building relationships of trust, resolving concerns, and committing have been put to good use.
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Chris Bruerton
Jonathan Jensen make point to Dan Christensen
NIcole West, Melissa (True) & Trent Gibbs
Cary, Carrie, and Michael Meerdink
Wives enjoying BYU game
Jonathan and Emily Jensen
Janet Graham and Tiffany Ellis
Dan Christensen
Jeremy and Andrea Griggs visit with Pres West
Jacob Walkenhorst & Berton Earnshaw
David and Leana Hunt
Unidentified spouse and Emily Jensen
Joel and McCall Taylor
Jacob and Michelle Walkenhorst
Chris Bruerton and Grayden Ridd
Ira Waite and Drew Cutler
Walkenhorst, Bruerton, Sister West, & Earnshaw
Jeremy Huff and wife
Carey and Carry Meerdink with child
Azevedo Family from Ermesinde
Jessica and Nicole West with Jeremy Griggs
Dan Christensen and family from Ermesinde
Joel and McCall Taylor
Jeremy Griggs & Tiffany Andersson
Jeremy and Andrea Griggs
Tamara Rollins and Melissa True Gibbs