Portuguese Culture Test

The Qualifying program for the Portugal Porto Mission had four parts. On part, called the Don Alfonso Henriques, required knowledge of Portuguese language and culture. The following exam was one of the sub parts required to earn the Don Alfonso Henriques sticker.

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1. Who is Antonio de Oliveira Salazar?

2. Year that was Portugal recognized as a kingdom.

3. Place in correct order the following people from the history of Portugal. Mark the first one in the history with a "1", then the next with a "2" and so on.
Don Alfonso Henriques
Henrique, O Navegador
D. Pedro I and Inez de Castro
Oliveira Salazar
Luis de Camoes

4. Associate the following people with the correct story.
Santa Isabel

Pedro & Inez


Henry the Navigator

Luis de Camoes
A. Wrote an epic poem about teh discoveries of Portuguese navigators.

B. Established a school of navel skills. In this school researched and developed improved methods of guiding ships as they crossed large bodies of water.

C. Gave bread to the poor people, carring the bread in an apron. When challenged by the king to see what was in the apron, responded, "Roses." When the king asked to see the contents of the apron, he saw roses instead of the bread. Later, was made a Saint.

D. A story of love and tragedy. The father did not like the lover and arranged for her execution. According to legend, when he was crowned king, he had the corpse of his lover exhumed and installed on the thrown.

E. Fought the invading Roman armies to a standstill. He was finally assassinated by a traitor.

5. How did the invention of gun powder and cannons change the design of castles?
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A. Since cannon balls are wider than arrows, the defensive windows could be wider than the narrow slits used against arrows.
B. The shape of the castles changed from high, rectangular wals and central towers to a star shaped, thick, low earthen filled walls and no towers.
C. Castles no longer had draw bridges because the wooden bridges could not withstand the impact of cannon balls like they could against arrows and battering rams.
D. The castles were built on higher mountains surrounded by forests which made it harder for cannons to get within range of the castle.

6. Who came first to Portugal

7. Where is the tomb of Don Alfonso Henriques Located?

8. Where are Pedro and Inez located today?

9. When was the cathedral in the Batalha built?

10. Where is Don Alfonso Henrique's home town?

11. What is the capital of Cabo Verde?
 Espirito Santo

12. Explain what the parts of the Portuguese flag signify.
Green background field.
Red background field
The seven castles.
The five shields.
How many coins are there?
What do the coins symbolize