Mission Reunion, Fall 2000
Rexburg, Idaho
On the last weekend in October, a reunion was held in Rexburg for those in the area. A number of former missionaries attend Ricks college or Idaho State University and are unable to attend the reunions in Utah. So, for the second year in a row a second, smaller reunion is held at the West home following the larger reunion in Utah. Because it is the Halloween season, we took the opportunity to carve Jack-o-laterns. It was great fun.
Shane Bassett
Shane Bassett jumps in with both hands. He checks over his shoulder to see how Ian Olson is doing.
Paul and Jessica West enthusiastically accept the challenge to carve the best pumpkin. Ian Olsonīs sister on the right is not be out done. Paul and Jessica
Ian and sister
Ian Olson and his sister make steady progress on their frightful creation.
James Flanigan makes steady progress on his pumpkin. His turned out fine, but we had to keep him from putting the finished jack-0-latern over his head. James Flanigan

Shane Bassett puts finishing touches on his masterpiece.
The finished products are a terror to behold. Finished products