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One of the primary purposes of this web site is to facilitate communication among former missionaries. While this can be done via email, sometimes the message needs to go to a broader audience. This message board serves that purpose.

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Miscellaneous messages
Messages that do not fit well within the other categories can fit here.
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Questions and Information about Portuguese members
Many of us in the United States lose contact with our friends in Portugal. The purpose of this category is to encourage communication between us and them.
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Messsages about or from former missionaries
The purpose of this category is to facilitate communication between and among former missionaries.
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Travelog of visits to Portugal and colonies
Many former missionaries have opportunities to return to Portugal or to visit form Portuguese colonies. In this category they can post their experiences for everyone else to enjoy.
Suggestions for this web site
I would like to receive any suggestions to improve this mission web site. Please tell me of any spelling or gramatical errors. Also let me know of any incorrect information. I am also very interested in ways to make the web site more useful. Also suggest any additional threads for the bulletin board.
Notices of informal get togethers and reunions
Reunions are regularly held during General conference. However, there are other times when former missionaries would like to get together. Or some missionaries cannot come to the spring and fall reunions because of distance. Through this category notice of such "unofficial" reunions can be posted.
Questions about the mission and Portugal
Many newly called missionaries and their families have many questions about Portugal and the mission. The purpose of this category is for them to post their questions and for responses.

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