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Joseph A. West       president@portomission.com 2-23-2002 5:11 PM
As I post more and more personal information about former missionaries, I worry about this information being misused. For example, the email addresses and phone numbers could be extracted for marketing purposes. Or information about weddings and families could help someone accumulate information about you. I do have the ability to require a password before pages could be displayed. I would like to get feed back from former missionaries as to their opinions on this subject.
Trevor Bruford       trevor@bruford.net 3-17-2002 2:44 PM
How would you distribute the password?
Joseph West       president@portomission.com 3-18-2002 12:56 PM
I would post two questions that someone who served in the mission would be able to answer.
Shane Wilks       wilkssh@hotmail.com 3-13-2003 7:39 PM
I don't think there's any need to protect the whole site- maybe just a page or so. An entire site that's password protected might discourage people who stumble upon the site.
Elder Carey       charrison76@justice.com 2-25-2004 08:13 AM
I agree that this web page should be free to browse... except when it comes to personal info. I would rather only my mission friends have all my info than any old web surfer who happens by. Just password protect the info. That's my 2 cents worth.

Monica       forcala37@hotmail.com 11-18-2006 10:19 PM
I entered the password, but it won't let me in. I can get into a few of the areas, but not all. Can you help me? I used "rooster" and "galos".

I was one of the "first" missionaries when this mission opened. President Ficklin (from the Lisbon Mission) told the Elders and Sisters that were going north that they would "need to take their long underwear with them". We never laughed so hard. haha

I hope this mission board doesn't die like the other one did...if you have been in that one.


Sister Krohmer
Monica       forcala37@hotmail.com 11-18-2006 10:21 PM
Oops....I used Rooster and Barcelos....What was I thinking when I wrote that above???
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