Reunion, Spring 2002
Provo, Utah

Elder John and Shirley Carmack
Berton Earnshaw and Tiraje Anderson
?, Pacheco, Curtis,Ridd, & Burr
Jonathan and Ashley Pacheco and son
York and Lourdes Rassmusson
The Portugal Porto Missionary reunion of April 2002, in Provo, Utah was a wonderful success. That is, for those who could find the room. Room 3252 of the Wilkinson Center on BYU was deep within the bowels of the building. For those who persisted until they found us had a wonderful time. The room was packed and at times I was worried that the compus security would arrive to tell us to keep the noise down. The noise level was a good indication of the lively conversation that occurred as everyone remembered past experiences and were updated on the latest events in everyone's lives.
We started at 7:00 PM. We had a short program at 7:45. President and Sister West spoke. We then had a message from President Soares read and translated by two former missionaries. As they read aloud about the creation of the Coimbra stake that will occur on April 14, it was hard to choke back the tears. President Soares also mentioned that in July, the Madeira Islands and the 14 missionaries serving there will become part of the Porto Mission. Finally, Sister and Elder Carmack spoke. Elder Carmack gave us an update of the Perpetual Education Fund. As head of that effort for the church he was able to give us some great insights. He indicated that the contributions and the number of loans made has exceeded expectations. He closed with a powerful testimony of the Savior.
Click here to view President Soares message.
I owe a special thanks for Elder Cutler for taking these pictures and for providing some of the film. Several pictures were double exposed, for which I am sorry. This is the problem with the camera and not Elder Cutler.
(I try to match up names with the pictures. Unfortunately, I find my memory is not as good as I would like. So, if I make a mistake or don't have your name, please let me know. I do not want to forget anyone and this process helps my memory.)
Jeremy Jensen, Michael Child, and Seth Pease
Ryan Curtis, Henry Patterson, & Sean Barschi
Erick Cornelson & Greg Adams
Murdock,Hammer, Sunderland family, Jensen, Ward
Chris Engel and ?
Lois and Thomas Murdock
Michael Child, Kendal Burr, Grayden Ridd
Joseph Moss
Phillip and Rachel Peay
Kimball Carpenter and Ryan Edwards
Jaimy Flanigan and Shahn Rashid
Grayden Ridd and Devin Patrick Family
Kimball Carpenter and Jonathan Pacheco
Lois Murdock, Tiffany Andersson, Ranae Durfee
Chris Engel & Brenya Williams
Jerry Fails and Nicole West
? Pease, ?, ?
Nathan Runyan, ?, Laura Pack, ?
Matt Smith, ?, and Laura Pack