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John Rhodes       johnathan_rhodes@yahoo.com 11-25-2007 8:03 PM
Hi Everyone,

The other day it came to me that this December will make a whopping 10 years since I returned home from Portugal. I am amazed at how time has flown. My only regret is that I have not kept in touch with anyone. I am grateful for President and Sister West and all those with whom I served during that great time. I learned so much from all of you. Please keep in touch and have a great holiday season!

John Rhodes
Tracy Cartwright       rodtracy99@yahoo.com 3-12-2008 3:45 PM
10 years...maybe that's why I decided to get out of the antisocial mode and check this site out. 10 years next month, I sympathize Elder Rhodes, it seems crazy. Forever and yesterday at the same time. Few days go by that I don't crave Portuguese soup and bread and miss my comps and districts and zones. It was a magical time of life...how lucky we were.
Buck Patton       buck.patton@autoliv.com 3-26-2008 4:15 PM
Jeez!! 10 years in October for me! Every time I think about it I freak out. That was soooooooo long ago yet, in many ways, seems like only yesterday. My wife & I are planning on attending the reunion on April 4th with our 2 boys. Gosh, I have 2 children, how scary is that!?!? I still look through my mission scrapbook and miss it all so much sometimes. My life has not been exactly perfect since the mish. I have had many trials, but have also been immeasurably and most incredibly blessed. Everyone I served with and knew in the mission has left a permanent mark on my soul. I would like to especially thank Elder Pacheco, my MTC comp, who loved me & put up with me unconditionally without trying to figure me out(an impossible task!). I Remember you ALL fondly & would love to hear from ANYONE who would take the time. Com muito amor!
Duarte Malheiro       4-12-2008 10:40 PM
How you doing fubeca
Jason Paulsen       jaglobal@gmail.com 9-29-2008 4:33 PM
Man, 10 years. And yet, it's just a blip on the eternal radar. Man those were some crazy, good times! Everytime I see your name, I think of how people would pronounce it: Irmao Rhow-dez...:)Better stop now. I could write a novel about all the experiences. Drop a line pessoas!
Reed Bell       reed.k.bell@intel.com 11-17-2008 6:06 PM
Wow, I need to check on this site more often! How quickly the time flies by. I arrived home from Portugal in May 1997. I'd been out for about 14 months (I think) when we transitioned mission presidents from Pres. Meeks to Pres. West in July of 1996. (Gosh, I sound like an old geezer, "..Back in the summer of '96." lol)
I look back now on those years with such fondness. Mission life seemed so stressful and hard at times, but how simple and rewarding it seems looking back now. I've been married for 10 wonderful years and have 3 beautiful children who give me great joy, but I still think about my areas, companions, members, & friends often. What a great time it was! My kids love to hear about stories from my mission when I put them to bed at night. Thanks for the memories.
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