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Jeremy and Adrea Griggs       jgriggs@consonus.com 10-25-2001 12:23 PM
It's true! We took the plunge and got locked into a 30 yr. financial death trap! Our new house is located in Murray at 561 W LaSalle Dr (6075 S). We will be moving on Saturday, Oct 27th in the morning at 8:00 AM. Anyone who is interested in helping will be greatly appreciated and will even receive doughnuts!! Our current address is 2625 E Solar Cir #3 (4050 S). The easiest way to get there is get on 2700 E and turn at the Oakmont Plaza at about 4000 S and enter the apartment complex between the two buildings in the plaza. Our building is the furthest west and furthest south of the complex. Look for the Uhaul Truck and thanks for helping! By the way, our new phone # is 801-266-1527. It will be active on Saturday, Oct 27 (the day we move in) but we can be contacted by cell phone anytime at 801-671-2552 if needed.
Jeremy & Andrea Griggs
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