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Jerry and Karen Young       jkyoung@dancris.com 10-25-2001 12:19 PM
We keep contact and involvement with (former)Elders Hacking and Atkinson. The former is doing advanced studies at the U of A (our alma mater) in Tucson. He took a bride and we met her as we helped them to & from the Phoenix airport for their honeymoon. The latter has moved to Mesa. The only place in the state that has Antarctica Guarana is near where he and his bride live. He and his wife visited O Portugal this summer.

It is Karen who has had all the operations. Four tumors later, only one
cancerous, she is our whirling dervish quilter and genealogy general. I had cataract surgery this year with the outcome of now having 20-20 vision for the first time in 50 years / since I was 11.
The financial secretary experience has helped a lot in my "retirement hobby" of collateral-loan-brokering (see if you can translate that into what most people call it, hint: the house of Lombard is known for it and Saint Nicolas is its patron saint). I use Microsoft Access (the tool you champion) to record people and collateral information, compute fees, and
produce the legal documents. As of this week, I've done over 18,000 loans in less than 5 years; this is in addition to the similar number of buying and sales transactions. As you might guess, it keeps one busy. I have 3 regulars on the staff, including a singing buddy who retired last year as a cop, he's also a Bishop. I also hire young men about to go on their missions to help their finances. After retiring from more than 3 decades as an engineer, I couldn't imagine getting into something like this.
We still keep e-mail contact (in the lingua) with Maria who tutored us.
We had great times with her family there.
Boa Sorte !!! Os Jovens
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