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Jason Willette       yoibefred@hotmail.com 4-9-2007 8:52 PM
Anybody know how I can find Rebecca Saunders (now Hoke)?
Chris Bruerton       ChrisBruerton@hotmail.com 5-8-2007 9:47 PM

My best friend married Rebecca's good friend. I don't have her number, but I will get it for you. I hope things are going well for you. Talk to you soon.

Chris Bruerton
Jason Willette       yoibefred@hotmail.com 7-7-2007 11:31 PM
Hey Brue,
any new info on Rebecca?
Chris Bruerton       ChrisBruerton@hotmail.com 8-26-2007 9:21 PM

Here is the email address for Rebecca Saunders. Sorry that it took so long.


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