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Samara       smateiro@uol.com.br 9-28-2004 8:25 PM
Hi everybody.

I'd like to tell this little experience that happened to my brother and I the last year.
We went to Europe for vacation and we were supposed to be there for about 2 months(long vacation:P ) And as I member of the church we were worried about how we would find the church.
Our first stop was Aveiro,because that's the hometown of our grandparents and we have some relatives there.But the problem was that our relatives are not members and they would never imagine we are...and as we were staying in Ilhavo,we noticed that it was such a small town and everybody seemed to know we were there.
We were kinda scared of asking someone if they knew where the chapel was...and we knew nobody else there!

On Saturday,after 5 days there,we went to a Cybercafe and searched the address on internet,but we could find nothing.
I was kinda sad about it,I'm such a baby and as I was away from my mom I thought that the only way I could fell "home" was going to the church on Sunday...but I didn't know where the church was!!!I didn't even know there was a chapel in Aveiro.
So as we were driving back to the hotel,I was praying on my mind,more like talking to Heavenly Father,that I wanted so much to fell among family by going to the Church because I knew there we would be "no foreigns or strangers".
And as we were going around the bend I lifted my head(because I was looking down,like I was sad) and we saw,finally in such a small town,after 5 days :THE MISSIONARIES!
I felt so greatful and I've never seen a prayer been answered so quickly!
We asked them the address and the next day we were there.It was great to us!!

I am sorry but I don't remember the missionaries names but I wanted to tell them again:THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!And know that you were on that street at the exactly moment just to help one of my prayers be answered.And well,if you remember,we were the brazilian brother and sister(the fat ones:)


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