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sismichelle       yazzibazzi@backpacker.com 1-7-2005 3:31 PM
i just have to say that i am so grateful for my mission! and with that - i am grateful for each of you that i served with - that i knew as a missionary...and some that i have met since! i can't believe the changes that happened during that time - the ways that i not only came to know myself, but also came to be true to that self - to be what i discovered i could be....and how easy that was to do because of people surrounding me that recognized me and encouraged me in a way that hadn't really happened much before that time...

with so much going on in this world - with lives changing constantly and with hearts being changed in so many different ways -- i offer to each of you a prayer for the remembrance of what and who you discovered while you were on your missions - and a hope that you can be true to that goodness, that truth, that child of God that is within...that divinity that is sometimes lost and yet is somehow always there....calling out to us to remember...

much love and hope to each of you and your loved ones.....be true.....CTR - sismichelle
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