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sismichelle       singsrain@gmail.com 9-6-2006 2:29 PM
seems like i just pop in every once in a while and realize that there aren't many new messages - so i like to add a lil' somethin' to see who is out there reading........ :)

we just had our fourth child a few weeks ago - i'll have to send presidente the info so we can get that posted on here :) we are hoping to make it to the reunion - but who knows with our oldest in school now - there are always limits to our traveling.... :)

sure hope that all of you are doing well.....and hope to hear from more of you....it has been a long time since portugal -- but everything is still so fresh in my mind and heart once i let myself really remember and ponder on that time....

love to all......be true.....CTR - sismichelle :)
John Rhodes       johnathan_rhodes@yahoo.com 9-9-2006 08:19 AM
Hey there,

I do read these on occasion. Congratulations on your new baby. Hope all is well with you and with everyone. We just moved to Kansas a couple of months ago. I decided to go to law school. Needless to say it has been pretty hectic, but things are going well. We are enjoying it here. It is much different than Utah or Arizona. Well, take care!

Jason Paulsen       jasonalysha@msn.com 1-2-2007 09:26 AM
Hey there,

I too come here every once in a blue moon! Happy New Year to everyone!
Jason Paulsen       jasonalysha@msn.com 1-2-2007 09:29 AM
One more thing, I have been posting pics to Flickr. http://flickr.com/photos/fixepah/

Stop by and say hi!
sismichelle       singsrain@gmail.com 2-21-2007 6:53 PM
hello again :) nice to hear from you guys - always good to know there is somebody out there looking at my ramblings :)

we are still here in arizona - hopefully coming up to utah this summer......it is about time - since we haven't been there for almost 2years! (michael's parents sure are getting antsy for us to come... mama asks us every time she writes or calls when we are coming :) ) anyway - hopefully we'll get to see some of my great mission friends while we are there :)

we are doing well - crazy fun with four little ones :) loving almost every minute :) love to all! be true..... CTR - michelle :)
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