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sismichelle       yazzibazzi@backpacker.com 1-27-2004 11:21 PM
okay...so here i sit in one of the very few quiet moments i have had in years...both kids are asleep and tomorrow is eli's first birthday...and mission is on my mind...i wonder and worry and think about and pray for all of you - my dear friends - my companions - those of you who helped me to find myself and be myself through knowing you - through being able to learn from you and with you...from you sharing yourselves with me - that is who i am - a piece here and a piece there from all of you...that is how i am complete...i just want you to know i love you and i think of you always - not a day goes by without expressing gratitude to Father for the blessing of my missionary friends...! hope to hear from you - whether it be as a response here or to my email or by letter or by phone - i am here and would absolutely love to here from you and know what you are doing :) i am hoping that this isn't going to be yet another posted message on here that has no replies... :) so - get to writing :) sure love you all! be true...
CTR - always your sismichelle :)
sismichelle       yazzibazzi@backpacker.com 1-27-2004 11:23 PM
and just to get the ball rolling...here is the first reply to me from me :) heehee :) just to make you smile :) love...
President West       president@portomission.com 2-4-2004 3:38 PM
These is no doubt that the mission experience affects us all in very powerful ways. I find myself referring back to my mission when I visit with people, especially members of my college ward. Clearly, our lives go on and we have new experiences that can be just as powerful and add to our mission experiences. I am fortunate because I hear from someone almost weekly as people want to update information on the mission web site. I am pleased with how many are progressing and maturing. I am glad to post any information that people send me so that you can stay informed about each other.
Jason Paulsen       ja_global@msn.com 3-8-2004 03:31 AM
I come to this site every once in awhile and I am glad you keep posting. I too think of the mission often. It was a great time. It is my goal to go back and live there for a bit. My wife wants too also. We are expecting our first anyday now!!! Can't wait...We have 2 names, Harrison or Keaton. What do you guys think?
sismichelle       yazzibazzi@backpacker.com 3-8-2004 1:32 PM
harrison or keaton...i kind of like keaton - it is different - sounds good with paulsen :) but i suppose that harrison does as well... is the middle name going to be jason?

how exciting for you! keep us posted on the news! you are going to be a wonderful dad :) congratulations!

and that would be so fun to go and live in portugal...my sister-in-law and her husband may be going there for a couple of months for a study abroad program - makes me want to plan to go back...i miss it...

think of you often...thanks for writing! hope to hear from you again!

be true....CTR - sismichelle ;)
Jason Paulsen       ja_global@msn.com 3-13-2004 03:51 AM
The middle name would probably be Mark, after my dad. It's also my middle name. Alysha is due next Thursday but he could come anytime now. We are super excited! I had a question, what is the best way to get any contact info on members in Coimbra? I heard through my brother's bro-in-law who actually served in Coimbra the Irmao Teixera is the Stake Pres...I would like to get a hold of him and others, but have no idea how. The church should have a database, like a phone book for all members. That would be cool. It could be voluntary though for sure. Anyway, I am just at work at 3:43 am at eBay!! Passing the time. Talk to you later.
sismichelle       yazzibazzi@backpacker.com 3-15-2004 1:30 PM
any day now...you'll be a dad jason paulsen :) how exciting! i am happy for you and alysha :) mark is a good middle name - good to pass on family names :) i have some members' info from coimbra - if you want to send me names of those you want to contact, i may be able to help :) maybe contacting the mission -- i don't know - presidente west would know more about that :) if there is anything i can do to help - just let me know :) have a wonderful day! be true...CTR - michelle :)
Jason Paulsen       ja_global@msn.com 3-23-2004 01:43 AM
Well he is here! He was 6 lbs 10 ozs. He has quite a bit of hair. He's a really mellow baby. He likes to look around and eat and sleep! Oh the life! Anyway, things are good. Can't complain. Post ya later!

same as above       3-23-2004 01:45 AM
Oh yeah, I forgot about the members. I would like to contact President Teixeira, Anibol dos Santos, and pretty much everybody from Ramo 3. Thanks for any info.
sismichelle       yazzibazzi@backpacker.com 3-30-2004 8:12 PM
parabens and congratulations:) i am excited to meet him! hope that things are going well...know that we are thinking about you and celebrating this new little life with you! i'll look for those addresses for you! be true...CTR -michelle :)
Jason       4-5-2004 02:41 AM
Thanks! Didn't hear any news about reunions this Conference weekend. I need to find Chytraus and Weir and Wells and Karren. Know of any of their whereabouts? Hope things are going good for you and your family! Talk to you later.
Dina Vieira Nelson       dinavnelson@hotmail.com 4-5-2004 1:41 PM
HI everyone,

My name is Dina and I'm from Coimbra 1. I have been in Utah for 4 years now. I got married to former Elder Nelson. We have two children.
Anyway, I don't know if any of you remember me but I can give you information on how to contact people in Coimbra. Joaquim Teixeira da Silva is indeed the Stake President and his email is quimsud@sapo.pt
Talk to you later.

Hope you can get a hold of him.
If there's anyone else I can help you find, let me know.
Christina Moore       menina292000@yahoo.com 4-12-2004 4:26 PM
I must stand in "agreeance". In the many years since my return there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of, dream of and wonder about everyone and hope and pray our work lives on. I miss it every day. I agree with SisMichelle...my companions and all those I served with, especially President West and Sister West, have made eternal marks on my spirit and have a spot in my mind and heart that is always inspiring and directing me to do better, be better and strive for excellence. Had it not been for the time I served, the people I served and who I served with...I would be less of a person. I am honored to have been with you all...and am pleased to see everyone getting married and having kids. Though I am quite partial, there isn't a better group of people and a better mission than ours. It is nice to know others feel the same passion! E-mail me anytime! I'd love to practice the language!
Jason       4-14-2004 02:52 AM
Thanks. This board needs a lot more activity!! We should spam everyone!
Jason Paulsen       4-14-2004 02:54 AM
Sorry for the response!! I didn't see the second page! My bad. Dina, I remember you! Thanks for the email to Pres. Teixeira. How's it going Christina! Long time no talk or see! Glad to see this board is getting more activity! Keep posting!!
Jason Paulsen       jasonalysha@msn.com 4-14-2004 02:59 AM
Man, I am really messing up tonight! You haveto give me a little slack, I work graveyard shift at eBay so I tend to become a little loopy! Dina, I would like to contact Anibol Dos Santos and his son Ricardo. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!
sismichelle       yazzibazzi@backpacker.com 4-17-2004 6:20 PM
hooray to hear from more people :) just makes me all giddy :) we are hoping to come and visit sometime this summer (to utah) - anybody up for a reunion? :) let me know what everybody thinks...now that i am actually planning in advance this time :) sure love all of you and am so happy to hear from you! be true...CTR - sismichelle :)
Jason       jasonalysha@msn.com 4-19-2004 06:14 AM
Count me in! Of course, it will be easier to commit when a specific date is nailed down. Just let me know!

sismichelle       yazzibazzi@backpacker.com 4-19-2004 4:05 PM
did you try to contact chytraus through the contact info on this site? just a thought... :) i don't know if any of the other guys are on here... :) i'll let you know if i find any of them! and i'll let you know when we'll have a reunion :) hope that you and your wife and son are doing well :) hope that everybody that reads this is doing well :) sure love ya'! be true...

CTR - sismichelle :)
Jason       jasonalysha@msn.com 4-20-2004 06:16 AM
I will try the contact info on here. I might have tried it in the past but don't remember. Anywho, things are going well. Busy like everyone else! Talk to you later,

Jason       5-19-2004 00:12 AM
Where did everyone go?
Christina Moore       menina292000@yahooc.com 6-4-2004 5:51 PM
What up! I would so come! I heard about Traci Cartwright the other day. They live in Price...where my parents live..bla bla bla...any ways, I hear that she is (or should have had) her second child. WOW! Can't imagine having kids. Single live is just fine for the moment. Too busy and selfish. Then again, maybe I just don't know what I'm missing. :)
I miss everyone. Sad to hear about Elder Fernandez' brother. E-mail me anytime. Glad to hear from Jason, forgive me, you're from my MTC district, right? I've been thinking about us all...I wonder whatever happend to Elder Casey after he left the mish? Any one know? Hope he is well.
Jason       jasonalysha@msn.com 6-14-2004 09:12 AM
I haven't heard what happened to Casey. I also have lost contact with Fielding. Too bad this site doesn't employ a PI to find all these people we want to get in touch with! Michelle, what up! Christina, yeah I was in your mtc district. Just to let everyone know, I have the cutest kid in the world!! He is so fun! We just got back from my cabin and he had a blast! Anywho, catch ya'll later....
Christina       menina292000@yahoo.com 6-14-2004 6:00 PM
DUDE! I've wondered what happend to good old Fielding! Gosh, we so didn't get along in the MTC, but he was my DL when I died...and I have nothing but respect for that man! He was a good leader and a great missionary...and taught me a lot. I hope that Casey is well and happy. I feel like he missed out on so many wonderful experiences.
I was thinking about the MTC District and what a time we had. Remember the fight when Pacheco almost threw the desk at Patton. Yowser! Man, what a time. But you know what, I am so grateful for everyone that was in our District. I look back at that time and I learned so many things just from that short 2 month time frame. I wonder what happened to Elder.... oh what is his name...he was the only one that didn't go to Porto with us all...it's on the tip of my tongue...any ways, hope he had a brilliant time on his mish.
Well, though I don't have kids...my nephew and nieces are SO much cutter than any body's children! :-)
Paulson, sorry...Jason...where are you and your family living?
Hope Michelle is doing well.
I don't know if you remember Eden Krehbiel...we speak about once a month. We used to work together...her mother recently passed way. She is married, no kids...doing well.
Jason       jasonalysha@msn.com 6-23-2004 9:38 PM
I think you are trying to remember Elder Smith. Colin Smith. He was my and Rasmussen's comp. He was really cool. That's awesome to hear about Fielding. I didn't even know he was a dl. He was hilarious! My kid is 3 months now. He is so funny! He almost never cries. He is such a blessing. I haven't seen anyone from the mission for quite sometime. It would be good to get together. I live in Salt Lake. Anywhere kinda close would be great. Just send me an email and let's get this thing going!

Peace oooouuutt!!!
sismichelle       yazzibazzi@backpacker.com 7-2-2004 08:22 AM
well...what have i been doing? obviously slacking off in the mission part of my life :) so great to see what you guys have written -- as for me - things have been crazy with michael's best friend and now his sister living with us as they move down from utah to arizona --- graduations, weddings, births, school - just a busy time! but that shouldn't keep me from checking up on my pals.....sorry about that! anyway - we are still planning on being in utah for labor day weekend - for the storytelling festival - so if we want to all plan something - i would love to see everybody!!! let me know what you all think - if that weekend would even work for you! sure love you all! be true...........CTR -michelle :)
Jason       7-16-2004 10:40 AM
As of right now it would work. I will have to see if I am in town during that weekend.
Christina Moore       menina292000@yahoo.com 7-18-2004 10:37 PM
Sounds like that would be a nice event. It would depend on how busy school is around that time since I am carrying a heavy load this semester.

Glad to hear that everyone is well. Has anyone heard news about Pres & Sister West? Hope they are well.

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