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Kara Thompson       slcwalk@yahoo.com 7-19-2004 4:39 PM
My fellow former missionaries,

Hello! In advance I apologize to anyone who is offended with my use of this site to publicize an event, but I am trying to reach as many people as possible and this is a great forum for that.

On Saturday, October 2nd, I am holding a fundraiser walk in SLC to raise money for the Autism Treatment Center of America (ATCA). My nephew is autistic and his treatment program is provided by the ATCA. It is a worldwide walk and teams are organizing from South Africa to Denmark to the USA. One-hundred percent of the funds raised will go to scholarships and training for those attending the ATCA.

To give you an idea, it costs over $17,000 per year for my sister to provide treatment for her son. The program she is doing is also unique in that it stresses that kids can actually be recovered from autism and really provides a lot of needed hope for parents and families of autistic children.

If any of you are interested in participating in the walk or wanting to give a monetary donation, please contact me at slcwalk@yahoo.com or 801-910-0999. You can also find out more on the walk and the ATCA at www.walkaroundtheworld.org.

This is a great cause (and a tax deduction). Thanks for your help and I hope all of you out there are doing well.

Much love and appreciation,
Kara Thompson
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