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Joseph West       president@portomission.com 2-8-2002 5:30 PM
I received a letter from Francisco Saraiva, my counselor in the mission presidency, during the holidays. He indicated that there are plans to make a stake in Coimbra on February 23, 2002.
John Rhodes       johnathan_rhodes@yahoo.com 2-12-2002 4:51 PM
That is great! I am so excited for the members of Coimbra. It was only a matter of time. Thanks for the update!
Rosalynde Frandsen Welch       RosalyndeWelch@msn.com 2-25-2002 10:38 PM
What wonderful news! I'm especially happy because the creation of a stake must mean that many of the members I remember and love must still be faithful and active. Coimbra is home to some of the happiest memories of my mission. Is anybody still in contact with members from Ramo 2?
Chris Emal       chrisemal@hotmail.com 3-19-2002 08:03 AM
I was so excited to hear that they were forming a stake in Coimbra. I spent over a year in that District and am so happy for the members.
Joseph West       president@portomission.com 4-22-2002 12:27 PM
President Soares sent me a report of the conference in Coimbra of April 14 when the stake was created. I have more information on the conference on a web page entitled Novidades.
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