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David Johnson       davidjohnsonlaw@yahoo.com 4-6-2005 12:08 PM
Hi all. My wife and I are heading to Portugal in mid May 2005. We will be spending two or three nights in Porto, one in Espinho, and the rest in Coimbra. Does anyone have a recommendation of a relatively cheap (around 70-100 per night) and nice place to stay? Email me or post to let me know. Also, we want to visit the northern part of the country as everyone says it is the most beautiful part of Portugal. Any suggestions on that? Thanks.
Jason Willette       4-6-2005 9:35 PM
We stayed at the Hotel Dom Henrique right in the middle of Porto, kinda behind the Camara Municipal. Very nice, accomodating and right close by. If you do this, request a room on the south side facing Gaia. The view is incredible. Prices fair-about as good as you will find for this type of hotel. Are you sure you want to stay in Espinho? A little pricier, and besides, it's only about 15-20 min. max from Porto. Consider also that it's one less time to unpack and re-pack your bags
David Johnson       4-7-2005 09:14 AM
True, packing and unpacking can be a nightmare when you are on such a long vacation. I had forgotten how far Espinho was from Porto. When you are a greeny struggling with the language in a Taxi, it feels like an eternity. Thanks for your advice.
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