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michelle baca sanders       yazzibazzi@backpacker.com 6-6-2003 2:57 PM
hello all! this is sismichelle reporting in from the hot valley of the sun!!! my little family is going to be in orem the end of august/beginning of september, and we'll be getting together with dave and laura davis sometime around then - i believe it is labor day weekend...right around that time :) so if anybody is interested in coming to somethin' fun - let us know and then we'll go from there!

bytheway - we now have two children - little eli michael was born on 28janeiro2003 :) and tyli joy is now two and a half :)

hope to hear from some of you soon...

be true...

CTR - michelle :)

you can email me at: yazzibazzi@backpacker.com
Josh Hartley       joshthartley@hotmail.com 8-14-2003 2:42 PM
I think that getting together at the end of August, or any other time during the year is a FANTASTIC idea! :0) So let me know if you are still planning on getting together, and I will try to be there.
sismichelle       yazzibazzi@backpacker.com 9-10-2003 10:52 AM
thankyou! thankyou! thankyou! to those who contacted me and made time to get together while i was in utah! that meant the world to me - and it was so fun to have you meet my little family - and to spend time with some of my greatest friends in the world! thank you also to those who couldn't come, but emailed and let me know what is going on in their lives! i love you all and am daily grateful for you! be true...

CTR - michelle :)
Jason Paulsen       issoelixo@msn.com 9-12-2003 00:53 AM
Sorry I couldn't make it Michelle! Let me know when the next shindig is and I'll be there. Question, why don't more people post on this site? We need participation people!! Including myself...Hope everyone is doing great.
John Rhodes       john.rhodes@phoenix.edu 10-14-2003 4:45 PM
Whatsup! I agree. We do need more participation. We also need to get together soon.
michelle       yazzibazzi@backpacker.com 10-15-2003 11:04 AM
are you guys all great or what? i totally agree that we need more participation - and updated addresses :) i keep trying to contact people - only to find out that the info on here is old! tenho saudades - and i just hope that we can plan something soon...i looked at the pictures of the last reunion - and didn't even see anybody i know! maybe we should plan a reunion of "our time" :) any ideas? sure love all of you! be true...

CTR - michelle :)
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