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Jason Willette       yoibefred@hotmail.com 1-23-2005 10:39 AM
On friday jan 21 my wife and I attended an initiatory session at the San Diego temple. Apparantly, as all of our temples under go maintenance for a couple weeks each year, they will all see some changes. The ordinance we participated in, by inspiration, has been modified for the benefit of the faithful. I encourage all who can to attend, perhaps to make an effort to do service in all the higher ordinances, to experience these, if I may, new ways of explaination.
sismichelle       yazzibazzi@backpacker.com 1-24-2005 2:08 PM
thanks for the thoughts....my husband and i were actually planning on going to do initiatory work this week - so that is a nice thing to know -- and thank you also for being so delicate and speaking of the temple in such a sacred way...

it is such a blessing to all to do temple work - and i know that there are so many things that we all need to learn ... always something new that we can see and be taught - and i am so grateful to live here where we are so blessed to have so many temples and so many opportunities to serve :)

be true.....CTR - michelle :)
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