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Jason Willette       yoibefred@hotmail.com 8-15-2005 5:15 PM
This coming Saturday, Aug. 20, I invite those that know me to a little "housewarming" BBQ at my new house in Provo. We recently moved here as I will attend BYU starting this fall. If you know me and are interested, please e-mail me and I will respond. Also, I will be PPV'ing the UFC that night for my personal wrestling/mixed martial-arts entertainment.
Elder Call       calljohnd@msn.com 10-3-2007 3:09 PM
Still in Provo??
Jason Willette       jawillette@comcast.net 10-4-2007 7:43 PM
No, sorry. I retired from school and moved back to So. Cal.
How are anyway?
Tory Christensen       toryjc@gmail.com 10-30-2007 4:38 PM
What's happening, Jason? I live in Cali now, too! Unfortunately its NORCAL. Did I tell you that already?
Jason Willette       yoibefred@hotmail.com 10-30-2007 4:44 PM
Yeah, I knew you went there for an internship or your initial job or something. How's the law life? What you expected?
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